What Is Gastric Mucosal Abnormality Characterized By Erythema?


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This varies as to what organ it is describing.
  • It can be to do with the lining of your stomach, intestines or the liver, and has symptoms similar to indigestion, such as bloating, pain when digesting and an irritable bowel.
  • Without knowing which organ this relates to, i cannot specifically say what this illness means in the terms you specified.
  • Erythema can be a congestion in one of your organs, or an irritation of the stomach lining, but either way it is not very pleasant and a doctor needs to be seen if you think you or someone you know has this.
  • If you are writing because you have recently been diagnosed with this, talk to your doctor. They will know which organ this is effecting in you, and so be able to explain more clearly what this means for you. They will also be able to describe what this condition is better than me because I am not a medical professional. Your doctor will be more than happy to explain to you what your condition it in easier terms so that you understand.
  • This condition cannot be treated by medicine and it is simply a case of not eating foods which irritate the stomach, drinking plenty of fluid and keeping healthy to keep the condition at bay. It can go away on its own if the stomach heals itself though, so don't worry too much. 

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