What is bilious gastric fluid?


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Bilious is an old fashioned term used to describe feeling off color due to excesses in life style such as drinking too much. The term came about because it refers to bile that is produced in the liver. Alternatively, people would say that they felt liverish.

  • Bile production

Bile drains travels via bile ducts situated throughout the liver. While this is occurring, epithelial cells secrete a bicarbonate rich solution that dilutes the solution and makes it more alkaline.

From here, the bile will travel inside a common hepatic duct, joining the gallbladder's cystic duct and forming common bile ducts which join the duct in the pancreas so that the bile can empty in your duodenum.

Sometimes the bile cannot empty into the appropriate part of the intestine, so it will be diverted to the gallbladder instead. It is saved here and becomes five times more potent than usual strength in between meals.

  • Purpose of bile

Bile aids digestion, and may be a surfactant which helps to emulsify fats in food. Because bile is responsible for increasing the absorption rate of fat, it plays an important role when absorbing fat-soluble nutrients, like vitamins E, K, A and D.

Bile also acts as an excretion route for bilirubin, which is a by-product of recycled red blood cells.

Because bile is alkaline it is also very useful for making sure that excessive stomach acid is neutralized before it goes into the ileum, which is the last section of in our small intestine organ. Salts found in bile can also destroy many microbes that can be found in food because they act as bactericides.

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