I Have A Short Attention Span, What To Do?


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As someone said to me once, "Building brain power takes the same kind of self discipline that building muscle power takes".

You need to develop strategies that work with your short attention span, rather than against. Studying with friends can be fun, but for someone with a short attention span, it is the kiss of death because it is another distraction.

Help your discipline by making it a game to reach your study goals. The reward yourself when you study well. (And don't worry, if you study well, you will know and learn the material)

Decide on a study schedule. Assign an accountability partner--someone who will hold you to reaching your study habit goals. And use them. This person should be willing to check in with you proactively (you decide how often) to see how you're doing against the study habit goals you have set.

Decide on one set place where you will do your studying, free from as many distractions as possible.

Set aside a routine time to study, and make the decision to stick by it. Dedicate the time. If you don't have any studying to do on a particular evening or day, use the time to read or learn on your own--something that really interests you and that you enjoy learning about.

Make this your time that you're giving to yourself--knowing that it's all about you and what you get to do for yourself by learning-- tak eyour power back in knowing what you are doing you are deciding to do for yourself--and no one else, because it is important to YOU.

Use study materials that bring you some pleasure. Notebooks, pens, pencils, other materials should be to your liking-- it's YOUR learning, after all.

Decide on some fun rewards for yourself at the end of each study session, and at the end of each week perhaps, when you achieved your study goals--and studied like you had wanted to.

Repeat the habit. If you slip up once, don't be discouraged, just study the next day as you had planned.

I personally think studying can feel like drudgery when we make it about someone else or something other than it is. Look at this different mindset: Learning is our privilege--something we give to ourselves-- we don't study because we have to or someone said we must - we study because the whole idea of learning is pretty cool. Also, it's the process of learning, not the test scores, that matter. The knowledge will come when we learn to have fun in the process of knowing it. So have fun with your learning. And choose some things to learn that you really enjoy to offset the subjects that aren't as interesting to you. Study them for the fun of it. Learn to make that time when you study just for you.

Try these things for about a month and see how it's working for you-- I'll bet you will find it is getting easier and you are more consistent when you're having fun with it. Don't forget to enlist your accountability partner, and don't forget to reward yourself for your discipline.

Good luck!
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gee thanks but how do i reward myself i mean won't it feel like i'm scamming myself than just doing what i'm supposed to do??
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I left you a shout. :)
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The problem must be perhaps you don't get enough sleep or you can have a problem with nutrients
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Hi, it maybe many reasons why you can not study. You may need a good diet, of nutrition food, daily vitamins, more exercise, out door activities, clean air and water. Drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces (example if you weigh 100 pounds you should drink 50 ounces of water a day) of water. You must keep your body well hydrated. We lose a lot of water a day, during normal activities. We must keep replacing our supply of water, so all parts of our bodies can function more effectively. A good night's sleep with a better sleep system will improve your health. Physical well being, increases your mental health. Have you seen a Doctor, it could be a medical condition. Check out my web site. Take Care!
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when i need a commercial i'll watch t.v. if you want to talk like a salesman then use a phone i have a problem and i want a solution i don't want drugs or your products.
ps i workout daily and i am a health food freak
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