What Are The Symptoms Of Asperger's Syndrome?


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As Aspergers is a sub group of Autistic Disorder, and each child can have a varing problems, each will be unique. But unlike an Autistic child An Asperger child will speak, he or she may have some speech problems, some may not. They do have a strong will of their own, and need a good routine to help them cope with thier problems.They do often have repetitive behaviours some little sign of the Autism,but are very often able to function well unlike Autistic children or Adults. Many can grow to lead a good adult life, some very independent. It is not true for all that they have bad relationships, each will have thier own way of behaving. Some will be more severe with problems. But I will say that having Aspergers and not just Autism is good news for hope for both child and parent. I have a son with Aspergers, But have known many children with Autism. Aspergers is the less severe of the disorders of the Autistic Spectrum. These children are of high intellect most times. There is a problem with the way these children process the information that they receive,in thier brain. This is a large part of the problem. The subject of these disorders are easily looked up on line. But take heart, be as loving and understanding as you can. This will help both you and the child.
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The symptoms of Asperger's are similar to those of other behavioural syndromes seen in children. The child affected tends to lack social skills and has problems making friends. He or she seems unaware of other people's feelings and appears very insensitive. Conversations are difficult, with children finding It difficult to start communication and then also to keep the conversation going.

The child may also exhibit negative body language and avoid eye contact with others. He or she may also find it difficult to understand other people's body language. Asperger's children do not smile very much and don't understand other people's facial expressions. They also tend to have a short attention span and be repetitive in the things they say and do.

Of course, taken individually, each of these attributes can be seen in people without Asperger's and different people behave differently with regard to body language. Diagnosis of Asperger's needs specially trained paediatricians with experience of the syndrome to be sure.
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David is having trouble in school constantly chews his shirt and can't seem to make friends without help. He is five and can already read write and do simple multiplication. His teacher has trouble getting his attention and holding it. He doesn't seem to know that when something is hot or sharp you can't touch it until he already touched it. He does ok once he is introduced and already playing with some one but he does inappropriate things to get your attention like hitting or other
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Aspergers syndrome is usually confirmed by a very simple test. Mostly overlooked it is quite hard to get a diagnosis early most children are over the age of 7 and quite often into late teens. It helps if you have a doctor who is aware and knowledgeable on aspergers if not it can b a battle. There are very few support geoups but it is finally recieving recognition.
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Asperers Syndrome is one of several autism spectrum disorders which is caused by restricted and stereotyped interests and social activities. There are many symptoms but the main symptom is the severe trouble with social situations.
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How do you know for sure it's aspergers,dr says she don't think it is but the school feels it could be, and family notices things. You say it involves the brain, can a mri determ it? Would you go to neurology ?

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