How Long Does It Take For The Spine To Start Calcification?


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Calcification of the ligaments of the spine usually occurs in people over 50. The ligaments of the spine thicken and harden, which causes a narrowing of spinal canal called Spinal Stenosis. Since you had a curve of the spine (otherwise known as scoliosis), having an accident would cause more injury to the ligaments of the spine than if the spine was straight. Spinal stenosis can have symptoms of sciatica, and is treated well moist hot packs, trigger point therapy, and non aggressive manual medicine.
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Calcification occurs as a result of some damage to the tissues. Since you had an accident so that explains that your spine tissues might be damaged. The process of calcification in bones is different in various individuals and it is difficult to tell when a bone actually starts calcification. However here is a link to a website that can give you complete information on Calcification.

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