What Are Symptoms Like Foaming At Mouth, Vomiting And Not Eating Or Drinking? Also His Poop Smells Real Bad.


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Foam vomiting in dogs mean unproductive vomiting. There are many conditions that can cause this symptom. These can be
  1. Overeating
  2. Rapid eating
  3. Dry foods
  4. Nervousness
  5. Stress
Foamy vomiting with restlessness and pacing can be sign of a dangerous condition called canine bloat in which stomach can be twisted due to filling of gases after eating. This can cause death if not treated. If your dog vomit foam for more than 24 hours then take him to vet immediately.
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Could've eaten something poison to dogs or maybe you used a new flea product. I had a dog that had a bad reaction to a flea product and I had to wash him a couple of times with dawn dish liquid before he felt better.The flea product was poisoning him.It was Sentry pro  product from a pet store.
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My dog is having the exact symptoms, foaming, vomiting, really bad smelling poop, and she not eating or drinking. She tried drinking water and just throw up more?

Did you find out what was the problem? How serious is it?
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It could be parvo my dog has been doing the same thing for 3 days and we got her tested and she has parvo
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Aw, that must be very scary for you. Many dogs do recover from this problem. Be sure to follow all your doctors instructions. I will keep you in my thoughts. Good Luck.
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Your pups best and usually only chance at survival is by doing what you did and getting to the vet quickly. You did perfect and exactly right by getting to the vet so the necessary supportive care could be provided at a minimum while a diagnosis was made and any treatment could begin and gave your pup the best chance there could be.
Is there a diagnosis yet? Have they talked to you about it? Please let us know how she is doing. I hope she's feeling better soon.
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There are literally hundreds of answers to that that only your vet can give you. Those are signs you need to see your vet as soon as possible if not immediately. Could be blockage by a foreign object (killing the intestines), toxicity, an infection that has spread and become life threatening, Parvo or Carona or other virus, a severe parasite infestation, bloat, anything and all could be potentially life threatening. Have you used any over the counter anything for your dog recently like flea meds or wormer? Call your vet or better yet, go.
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There are different assumptions for such ultimate facts of foaming at mouth and vomiting that have been occurred.

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Because the symptoms you described are quite varied, there could be a number of things that could be wrong with your dog.

Lack of appetite could be canine heart disease, heartworms, rabies, lyme disease. Vomitting could indicate tapeworms, roundworms, an allergy or canine kidney disease.

To help you more, you can go to these couple of sites here and here.

Obviously though, it is always best to get your dog to a vet as soon as possible as to avoid your dog suffering and from things getting worse.

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