What Does A Bad Taste In Mouth Mean, Also A Dry Mouth?


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There could be a number of causes for experiencing a bad taste in your mouth coupled with it being very dry. Some of these are more serious than others so it is definitely advisable to seek medical advice from a doctor or dentist to try and diagnosis the exact cause; and hopefully be prescribed something that will sort out the issue.

One of the main causes of a bad taste in the mouth is something called halitosis. This is more commonly known as bad breath and affects many people. According to Wikipedia "there are over 600 types of bacteria found in the average mouth. Several dozen of these can produce high levels of foul odors". Therefore the bad taste could be caused by some of the bacteria. If you feel this could be the cause for you then, like mentioned earlier, it is important to book an appointment with the dentist or doctor.

There are a lot of over-the-counter remedies out there to combat bad breath and so it should be able to be tackled pretty easily. A good tip is to use mouthwash after you have cleaned your teeth, this will give your breath added freshness and have a lot of effective agents that will attack any remaining bacteria.

A dry mouth can be a sign of dehydration as you may not be consuming enough water each day. If you try and drink at least two to three liters of water a day then you may this rectifies the issue pretty easily. But again if you are worried about this then going to the doctors could help put your mind at ease and, more importantly, sort out this issue.

Human beings are no exception to being afflicted by illness, there are a number of common ailments that we can suffer from on a daily basis. Obviously, some are more serious than others but even the ones that are not too serious can be rather annoying and distressing. A great example of this is having a seriously dry mouth, so much so that your tongue will tend to stick to the roof of your mouth. This is obviously an unpleasant ailment to have to deal with and there are a number of different reasons for the condition. Basically when you have an extremely dry mouth it means that you are not producing enough spit or saliva to keep your mouth moist. You can get a dry mouth when you are stressed out or nervous, but this will generally only last for a short period of time. However, if you find that you constantly have a dry mouth then this is much more serious as your saliva not only keeps your mouth wet it assists with the digestion of food, helps to fight off bacteria and prevents your teeth from decaying. There are a number of different causes of a constant dry mouth and they include the following. Many medications will give a dry mouth as a side effect, so if you are taking medication and you are suffering with a dry mouth then your medication may need to be changed. You could have a disease such as diabetes, Sjogren's Syndrome or a salivary gland infection than could be causing the dry mouth. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and menopause can also cause severe dryness of the mouth.
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I woke up and had this awful taste in my mouth. It has mad me sick to my stomach. I brushed my teeth again and rinsed with mouth wash but, the taste won't go away.I guess it is kinda like a metal, bitter taste. What is it caused from?
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I have a headache with a bad taste in my mouth. It started about a week ago. What is causes this. I do take b/p pills every morning. I also have hair breakage.
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What if you are a diabetic, I am keeping it in control but I do have a fruity taste in my mouth. Like I don't understand why, how does it happen? Hope you can help! :)
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My tounge is drying while I speak some thing very emotionally or enthusiastically. Whatis the reason?
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I have a sore throat, head ache and a cough and I woke up this morning with the most DISGUSTING taste in my mouth that will NOT go away; its horrible, it is also making my stomach really hurt :(
what can I do?
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I was reading on the internet cause I got one and its very hard to eat and swallow and it can be a sign of Diabetes. I would personally go to your local GP to have a blood test done of just to tell him. If you want to know more then look it up on the internet - Is a dry mouth one of the symptoms of diabetes. I hope I helped you answer your Question.
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A dry mouth can be very uncomfortable for anyone. Generally if one has a dry mouth, one tends to lick one's lips to keep it wet, but this only gives permanent relief. The dryness of the mouth is called as Xerostomia, and it takes place due to a diminished functioning of the glands which generate saliva. Another reason for this happening is that generally the mouth and lips do not generate oils, like the skin, to prevent them from drying up when the salivary glands stop functioning smoothly.

Dryness of the mouth can also be caused due to conditions such as diabetes or simply dehydration.

However, many times a chronic case of a dry mouth is caused as a side effect of medicines, due to bacterial infections, and even chemotherapy causes one's mouth to be dry for a lot of time.
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Actually a bad taste in your mouth is something you find displeasing. It can be after something you eat, a burp, or results of coughing. This is one of those questions that you have to have more information. Are you on any medications that would make your mouth dry? Is the bad taste metallic. These things a Doctor would need to know from you. A metallic taste can point to intestinal problems. Please be concerned about your dry mouth though. You can be in danger of losing teeth, gum disease etc.
To more satisfy your curiosity, put those two problems in your browser and see what you come up with. However if this should continue or increase, notify your Doctor.  Another thing I consider serious: Is the taste in your mouth kind of sweet or fruity? That is very important and also could cause dry mouth. Your doctor would probably want to take a blood sugar on you. That could be the most serious problem yet. I don't want to frighten you but anytime you are concerned about your health, call a Doctor, clinic, sometimes Pharmacists can even tell you about the symptoms, but you have a right to protect your health.  Best wishes
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You may be constantly "DEHYDRATED"! Drink plenty of water. Our bodies need an avenue to rid itself of toxins. Water is a miracle drug!
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It can be to many things to make a guess you need to talk to a doctor. Here is a page from the mayo clinic.
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Sounds like maybe you have a tooth that has decayed and it needs to be checked. It will make your whole mouth taste bad not just your tongue. Of course the first place your going to notice it is on your tongue because that is where your taste buds are. Go to the dentist and tell them to check your teeth and if they find nothing then brush your teeth more and use lots of mouth wash, it could also be bacteria in your mouth.
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Probably a vitamin deficiency...see or call your doctor and they should be able to narrow it down for you
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The dry mouth and bad taste in mouth can be due to the result of some diseases like flu or it can be the result of smoking. It can also be due to the use of some medicines like metronidazole and nasal spray. A differential diagnosis is required. Visit a doctor for treatment.
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Hi there I have a dry mouth and I cough up like flem yeollow but I'm on antibiodic I take ammitriptlene lyrica I take asperin 81mg pariet progesterone for 10 days from the 21st to the 31st calciummag with vit d evening primrose oil multi vit apple cider vinegar pgx I know my dr told me my mouth would get dry but its very dry the top of my mouth he said to drink a lot of water which I am doing and its still dry
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You could have an upset stomach or even a bad tooth maybe even have gingivitis, gum concerns
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It could mean your dental hygiene is poor or you have an upset tummy your are eating something that doesn't agree with your system
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A bad taste in the mouth in women can be an early sign of pregnancy (a metallic taste) sorry I can't help more but a little more info about yourself would help

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