For The Past Two Weeks I Get This Nausea Feeling Watery Salty Mouth Like I'm Going To Vomit And Then Within Minutes I'm Back To Normal No Reason Haven't Been Sick But Comes All Of A Sudden?


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Not enough information.  Are you obese?  Are you taking prescription or non prescription drugs?  

Look up side effects.  Are you often in stressful situations?  (dry mouth and nausea).  Are you painfully shy? See stressful situations above.  Do you know what your blood glucose level is?  

See a doctor if you can afford it. 

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A person suffers from these symptoms when his/her digestive system is not able to digest the food properly or when the excretory system is unable to get rid of body waste. You should add fibres to your food and I hope you will get well soon
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Did you find out what this was from? I have the same problem. :(
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Lol I get plenty of fiber, and it still happens. Actually I'm kind of thinking it's from eating too fast or too much at one time.
Gall bladder maybe? Try a tablespoon of dill pickle juice.
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This happens to me too. I don't think there is any problem. It's just something we ate, and our stomach is having trouble digesting it. So it makes our mouth water trying to solve the problem. But swallowing your spit can make you more nauseus. I've never thrown up from these episodes, but I think spitting instead of swallowing the spit helps me feel better quicker.

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