How Can You Make A Ringworm Go Away By Your Self If You Don't Want To Go To The Doctors And You Dont Have Any Anti-fungal Creams?


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michelle cherry answered
It depends on where it is. Down south we call it creeping eruption, when it's on your feet. If that's what you've got, Nail polish on either end of the trail. That product Bag Balm works good, too. Vicks vapor rub, it stings, but if you bug it as much as it bugs you- you'll win- eventually. It's a long time to get rid of that Lil bugger, longer if you don't get to the doctor
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Wash the area with vinegar that you have diluted with an equal amount of water. Swab between your toes with surgical spirit. Keep the area as cool and light and dry as you can. Avoid wearing clothes/material that make you sweaty.
If it is in a personal place - plain bio-active yoghurt is good.

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