Last Night I Woke With Excruciating Pain In My Left Arm. I Took 6 Ibuprofens And Pain Subsided. Today My Arm Aches And There's A Small Bruise On The Left Side Of My Ribcage. Is That Heart Attack?


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Larry Patterson answered
I am not a medical person.  The pain in the left arm can be a sign of heart attack.  It is said that females have different symptoms than men.  The bruise must be coincidental.  A visit to the doctor is advisable to let them check your heart and blood pressure.  If you get the bad left arm pain again, go to the emergency room.
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It seems to me that you where possibly attacked in your sleep, I would beat up my mates during sleeping it would be a oneway fight.  My mate is a hard sleeper and have awaken to some type of strange pain and lite bursing? But  please play it safe and go to the doctors and have your self checked. I would take may mate and never owned up to nothing.

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