Is ADHD Curable?


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I disagree. A lot of ailments we get from foods we eat, all the toxins in our junk foods. Etc...  For boys its a chemical imbalance, well, in girls too... Do a search online for naturopathic cures for adhd and read up on it. It's been awhile but when I thought my 4th grader may have it I checked around and found that for one its a magnesium deficiency (can't remember boy or girl?) and the other its a different mineral they lack. It's also part self discipline.  Also different personality types behave differently as well. For example a child that is very outgoing and social (a personality type called sanguine) is very outgoing, loud, talkative, demonstrative, social, the weaknesses to that personality type are they tend to not be organized, not  very self disciplined, if it's not fun they don't really want to do it and tend to want to help everyone but themselves.... Also food dyes like yellow, red, purple and blue are directly linked to lack of focus and other things and we feed our kids cereals, candy, kool aid, and fruit roll ups all loaded with sugars and dyes... Hope it helps....
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ADHD can
be treated, but not cured.  Treatments can relieve many symptoms of ADHD, but there is currently no cure for the disorder. With treatment, most people with ADHD can be successful in school and lead productive lives.

ADHD Schools treat children with lots of patience, creativity, and consistency. They evaluate each child’s individual needs and strengths.In the next part they develop strategies that will help students with ADD/ADHD focus, stay on task, and learn to their full capabilities.

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Asking if ADHD is curable is like asking if being poor in math is curable. No, you will always have difficulties in life, but deal with them. No one is perfect, everyone has some problems and down the road someday they'll probably label the disorders (like ADHD which was non-existent 30 years ago). DEAL WITH IT. Drugs are not the answer, clinics are not the answer, YOU are the answer. Figure out what works for you and do it. I'm tired of people blaming their "disabilities" on any and al short-comings they experience in life. I'm not good in math, I must have the Arithmetic Disorder, which gives me an excuse to do so poorly on tests. I'm tired of blaming any and all things because we aren't the best at something. Yes ADHD is curable, assuming you first understand that you must adapt and find what DOES WORK for you.
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ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurological disorder which is always present from childhood, and then develops itself into hyperactivity, mood swings, excessive speech, forgetfulness or distractibility. ADHD is a chronic syndrome for which there is no cure or medical treatment. This chronic syndrome is said to affect approximately 3 to 5% of the population.

This disorder is not curable per se. The CDC acknowledges that ADHD diagnoses must be made at trained health centers. There are also other ways of testing ADHD, which are performed by computers. The results given by them have a high rate of being accurate. It has been suggested for a very long time that ADHD is a result of poor nutritional value in the body, and a healthy balanced diet may help alleviate the condition.
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I have ADHD and I'm the sanguine type and I very unorganized mentally. On the exact contrary my room is like a girl's room! (I'm a guy). Its neat, well organized, and a lot of thought has been put in its making. I have been struggling with my graduation since 2001 !!! And there is all likely hood that I'll fail this year as well.I'm doing my engineering in Electronics and Telecom and I have a knack for computers and mobiles (and software that runs on them). Unless I'm taught a subject with full details and exposure to the underlying concept, I just don't follow it. I end up understanding a great deal about a lot of subjects be it wild life photography or how microprocessors work but when it comes to academics and memorizing stuff, I suck!I used to think that my way of studying of understanding things first in order to remember them is cool but it hasn't helped me in my studies. I just can't memorize that which I don't understand or feel interested in.Medicine has helped me a lot as some years back I was thinking suicide. Psychiatry rocks! I was never told that I have ADHD (probably cause I would squander my focus there rather than my studies) and I found out from the pamphlet that comes within the medicine box.To all those who think they have ADHD or any psychological condition or disorder, please see a doctor...Thank you.

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