What Is Trichomoniasis? Is It Curable?


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It is a vaginal infection  but can be passed to a male sexual partner.  It is not too serious and responds well to medication.  It is very important that both partners be treated for the infection.  If there are multiple partners then they all have to take medication.  You do have to get a RX from a doctor.  There is nothing over the counter at the drug store that will cure this.
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Trichomoniasis is primarily transmitted through unprotected vaginal intercourse with an infected partner. However, you can also get the trich STD from:

Vulva to vulva intercourse
mutual masturbation
sharing infected sex toys

Men typically contract trichomoniasis from female sex partners, but women can get trichomoniasis from both male and female sex partners.
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It is through sexual exposure to a infected person. It is an STD and needs to be treated with antibiotics.
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How can you get it if you both have true to eack other   what if you had std years ago and way clean can it come back 4 yr later

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