What Pain Killers Can I Use For Back Ache?


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This is mrs hobby I'm geting a lot of back pain and it gos into my groin my doctor has given me meptazinol 200mg they are helping a bit plus I take normal pain killers but nothing is helping my pains I get in my groin can you help
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Acetaminophen, or in more well known terms "paracetamol" is the most popular drug for pain relief. It has been known by many "brand" names throughout the world—such as Panadol, Crocin and Tylenol—and has been used to kill headaches, relief from fever, and even for severe pain, such as those of the lower back.

Back pain affects almost 80% of the general population. The lower spine (lumbar spine), when misaligned, causes the lower back to ache. The condition of back pain can either be chronic or acute, and most of the time is caused by bad postures (seating posture as well as that when lying), lack of exercise, accidents that affect the lower back, bone/spinal tumors, osteoporosis, depression, and these days, even school backpacks!

Painkillers tend to lose their effect over time as the body gets used to the dosage, and it's thus a better idea to not depend on them for long. There are many alternative therapies available for countering back pain, particularly acupuncture, application of ice or heat, and even attitude adjustment.

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