I Have A Constant Aching Pain In Upper Right Side Back, What Could It Be?


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Upper back pain is not as common as pain in the lower back but it can be just as uncomfortable. The most common causes of upper back pain are muscular irritation and joint dysfunction but can be due to disc injuries. Although very rare, these injuries can cause a lot of pain. As the upper back is very limited in its movements, it is quite uncommon that any serious injury occurs.

Any pain caused by muscular irritation may be a result of de-conditioning or overuse injuries. A lack of strength in the back or any strains, sports injuries and car accidents can all trigger pain from muscular irritation. These types of problems are reasonably easy to treat with exercise, acupuncture, massage therapy or with the help of a chiropractor. When the ribs connect with the vertebrae in the upper spine by two joints that connect with each side of the spine, any dysfunction that occurs here in the joints can lead to pain in the upper back. Joint dysfunction is slightly more difficult to treat as it requires manual manipulation with the help of a chiropractor or physical therapist. They will help mobilize the joint and reduce any discomfort. To reduce the pain in the long-term you will need to carry out some gentle exercise at home to stretch and strengthen the muscles.

The rarer causes of upper back pains can be due to thoracic disc disease - this includes any degenerated discs or herniated discs. These can diagnosed with tests such as MRI scans depending on other symptoms the sufferer has. If a thoracic disc disease is found, the extent of the damage will need to be examined and a treatment plan developed. On rare occasions, in instances of significant impact or trauma to the spine, the thoracic vertebrae may get fractured. Again, this is something that will need to be diagnosed carefully in order to set the patient up with the correct treatment.
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I would go with probably an inflammed muscle. Could be a bladder or kidney infection. Or you could get luck like me; go to a dr. For a back ache; xray for the chest; find out you have a lung infection or disease which was in my case. You just never know. But have it checked for your peace of mind.
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If your pain is over your kidney area you could have a kidney infection or kidney stone. If it is just generalized you might have twisted the wrong way causing a sprained muscle. If it radiates thru to the front that's a whole other ballgame.

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