Should I Be Concerned About A Protruding Belly Button If It Is A Recent Occurrence At Age 59?


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A protruding belly button that appears in later life can be the result of what is termed an umbilical hernia, which may have developed during infancy as a result of abdominal straining during activities such as crying.  There is usually no reason to worry as long as there is no pain associated with it, and then it may require surgery.

Occasionally an unresolved umbilical hernia from childhood can result in complications later in life, including a strangulated bowel.  This occurs when a section of the gut gets squeezed between a gap in the abdominal muscles, leading to swelling, digestive problems, ultimately resulting in what is known as a bowel obstruction.  Surgery is the only solution for this type of problem, and since it can be quite serious if left untreated, it is usually best to see a medical practitioner to ascertain the extent of the problem.

Symptoms of a hernia include:
* Nausea
* Vomiting
* A constant pain that gradually worsens
* Tenderness near the belly button area

Certain activities tend to aggravate problems related to abdominal hernias.  These include: Constant coughing, lifting weighty objects, bending over and sexual intercourse.

Sometimes one can see the hernia by pushing out the stomach and standing sideways to a mirror.  The area around the lump or protuberance can also be red and occasionally tender to the touch.  If a hernia can be pushed back into place, it is known as a 'reducible hernia.'

If surgery is needed, the hernia will be repaired and the belly button will once again return to being an 'innie.' Currently, there are two methods of surgery used - keyhole and open surgery.

In both cases, the surgeon will replace the protruding intestine tissue back into the abdominal wall and then strengthen the area with a synthetic mesh.

In most cases, the late development of a protruding belly button can be fairly benign, but in some adults, it can signal the onset of a hernia which may need surgical treatment.  In all cases, seeking guidance from your doctor is advisable.
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Even if your changed navel shape is a result of your putting on weight, it shouldn't hurt. There are illnesses which can be associated with pain in this region; if you take a look at this medical information site you could see some of the possible causes. Do please see a doctor anyway if the pain doesn't go away soon.
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No you just have gas.

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