My Toddler Has A Suddenly Protruding Belly Button With Slight Redness, No Pain Or Pus, Do You Have Any Ideas?


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Yes take her to see her Dr. Could be a hernia or something bit her don't wait until it gets worse take her now.....OK and wishing her the best
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Thank you so much for your response I'm going to take her to the dr tomorrow if when she wakes up its hasn't gone away. I'm a worry wart like that. I just wondered if any one had heard of anything like or similar to this happening. Last night it was fine and it was an inny and tonight its a full blown outty with slight redness on one side of it but doest hurt her when I push it in or cleaned it with a qtip and peroxide. I did the peroxide to see if there would be any fizzing, (None) But again thanks very much!
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You are more than welcome for she is our little future we must take care of her.......may peace abide with you......

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