Which Kills You Faster If Inhaled: Bleach/ammonia Or Bleach/vinegar?


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In theory, the time taken would be fairly similar, since the process by which they kill humans is the same. The combination of either of these two substances with bleach results in a gas which, when inhaled, will attacks mucous membranes, such as your eyes, throat, and lungs and will eventually cause death; this process is very, very painful! The exact time would most likely differ depending on individual differences, such as amount of vapour in the air, how confined the space is and different tolerance levels.

It is advised never to mix either product with bleach due to this reaction. Some people do this in the belief that it increases the cleaning action of their cleaning products, however, do products such as bleach need to be more powerful to clean your average family home? The answer to that is no! Bleach is a very strong product all on its own and does not need any enhancement to remove even tough household stains.

Rather than mixing products with bleach to enhance its strength, it is more advisable to leave the bleach on the item for a couple of minutes longer, before rinsing it off. This should maximise its power in a much safer way. When doing this, open all windows and leave the given room (closing the door behind you) until it is ready to be rinsed off.

If the cleaning power of your bleach isn’t strong enough, it may be that it has been standing around for too long. Bleach has a shelf life and doesn’t work as well after a few months.
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With me I'm certain it would be the bleach/ammonia because of the severe asthma reaction I have from ammonia.
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Well as ammonia is a poison even alone it would give severe side effects but not the ones you get with medicine but together you would suffer a slow and painful death
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