What Kind Of Food Should A Dengue Patient Eat?


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There are no specific dietary requirements that i can find out, however there are plenty of hints and tips for diets that may be easier for the condition to handle.
  • Firstly, and pretty obviously, it is important to try and eat healthily to boost your immune system and help to fight off the illness. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg will help, as well as eating a nutritionally balanced diet. Plenty of pulses and whole grain foods will help to keep the digestive system healthy.
  • Secondly, some people recommend a liquid diet for severe cases. This is more than likely because the illness is a fever in its simplest form and patients of fever usually do not feel like eating that much. Liquid diet foods can include smoothies, fruit juices, thin porridge and soup. Try adding oats to the smoothie to make it more filling if you find that it does not keep you satisfied for long.
Dengue fever is a growing problem in countries that are plagued with mosquitoes. It is spread in the same way as malaria, by the sufferer being bitten by an infected mosquito. It causes fever and a rash on the skin that looks similar to measles. The condition is not as deadly as malaria, but can be very uncomfortable for the sufferer.

Dengue sufferers may have symptoms of headache behind the eyes, fever, joint pains and the main one, a rash. There is no specific treatment for the illness, other than plenty of bed rest and drinking lots of fluids to replace those lost through the fever. It is usually not fatal and most patients of it recover fully. It can in severe cases cause certain organs to shut down but this is rare and treatable in hospital. As long as the patient gets lots of bed rest and fluid, they should be fine.

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