Is There Any Cure For Dengue Fever?


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There is no specific cure for dengue fever, although there are measures you can take to manage or control the symptoms.

Before going into any more detail, I should say that if you suspect that you have contracted Dengue fever, I would recommend that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Can dengue fever be cured?

There is no known cure to Dengue fever, but there are still things you can do to combat this infectious tropical disease:

  • Hydration is often the key to treating Dengue fever. This virus causes severe dehydration so taking rehydration fluids (ORT), or drinking fruit juices will be necessary.
  • A patient suffering from Dengue fever is regularly monitored for platelet count and hematocrit. If the hematocrit falls below 20% of the initial value, a blood transfusion may be required
  • A drug called  Acetaminophen can be used to relieve symptoms, although any pain killer like ibuprofen is not recommended as they may encourage bleeding
  • If hematocrit level rises, IV fluids are often administered (a commonly used IV fluid is Ringer acetate)
  • Hydration through IV may also be necessary for patients who progress to the more serious form of the virus: Dengue Hemorrhagic fever 

Preventing dengue fever

As far as battling the causes of Dengue fever, the main preventive action humans can take is to target the mosquito population that is responsible for transmitting the disease.
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Dengue fever can be cured by many ways. It can be cured before someone is getting affected by it.

It is a fever which is to be spread by a mosquito. It is easy to avoid that mosquito. Mosquito mats can be used. Their smoke will keep the mosquitoes away from your living areas.

Another thing you can do is to get rid of stagnant water. You should not let water stand for long hours in one place, otherwise it will provide a place for mosquitoes to breed. They will probably lay eggs to raise their populations within an area. Keep in mind that you can tip out water at ease but can't wipe out disease with that ease.

If you are a victim of dengue fever then keep yourself away from other people around you, otherwise you may be a reason to their sickness.

Drink fresh water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Don't take high-cholesterol food. Be careful in taking juices too.

You should consult a physician or doctor as soon as possible. He/she would be the person to tell you whether you are a victim of this disease or not. He/she can guide you in a better way. Take rest too. It will help you to kick this disease out soon.

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