Why Do People Get Blisters Inside The Nose?


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Sores in the nose and nasal passage are certainly not a rare phenomenon and is regarded as a common issue that is faced by many people. The condition of sores that have developed within the nose is a condition known as Nasal Impetigo. The condition usually results in the formation of scaly and crusty scabs that lie within the nasal passage, making it difficult to breathe and putting you through a lot of discomfort. Impetigo is an infection that is commonly caused by Staph Bacteria that lie under the fingernails, which enter the nose when you pick at it. It is imperative for a person with nasal sores to abstain from picking at the scabs and sores that form within the passages, as this causes the spread of the infection.

If these scabs are picked or interfered with in anyway, it can cause the sores to weep. The fluid that is produces from these scabs is the cause for the spread of infection, therefore in order to control the infection it is imperative that the sores are not interfered with. Another common cause of the sores is an infection of the hair follicles. An infection of the hair follicles is known as folliculitis and occurs in any region of the nasal passage where hair follicles are present. The use of nasal sprays and inhalation of noxious fumes will tend to aggravate the sores, so it is therefore advised that the use of such chemicals in the affected area should be avoided to prevent further irritation and infection.

Before using any form of treatment in the affected area, it is imperative that they area is cleaned and dry. Applying petroleum jelly or liquid paraffin to the opening of the nostrils will help to lubricate the nasal passages and soothe the dryness within them. Petroleum jelly and liquid paraffin help in restoring the health of the delicate membrane in the passages and reducing the discomfort felt because of the sores.  Furthermore, it has been proven that fruit helps to restore the immune system so by introducing more fruit into your diet you can help prevent the return of this infection.
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Sores in your nose could be caused from blowing your nose too much when you have a cold. It could be caused by plucking nose hairs or picking inside your nose. But normally people get them because the pick the inside of their noses. Thats kinda gross. But there are also many more reasons why.
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I agree thanks
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Fever blisters are caused by a virus that lives inside the site where it pops out. See your physician about it because there are medications that you can use when you feel it coming on. The medication stops it in its tracks.
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Are you having any digestive or respiratory problems? Nostrils are directly linked with these two anatomies. Or are you hygene conscious? Air Pollution can do this thing as well. Pus is formed because of unhygenic condition. Blisters in the nostrils can also occur from trimming or a booger getting picked. Allergies can do it, too. Clean your nose daily. Look whether a good quality nostril cleaner is available in your area.

Keep your nose clean!

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