Why Do People Get Fevers?


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A fever is an elevated temperature. Usually a person's body temperature is at around 37 degrees (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) but this can increase to up to 40 degrees or 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
It is not necessarily a bad thing. If a person has a really bad cold or influenza, or some other kind of infection, a fever is a way that the body can burn up the poisons (ie the infection) and any toxins which are in the system.
Intense sweating is a sign that the unwanted matter is being purged from the system, so treatment is not always required. If a fever is supprssed then the toxins cannot be expelled.
However, it is very important to take lots of fluids to help replenish lost fluids and ensure that the organs in the body have enough fluid to 'wash out' the system. If a fever is very high or lasts for two or three days then medical advice should always be sought.
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People get fever for many reasons : Some for the changing weather, some are contagious by others, some are effect on food etc... So causing fever is a sign for us to pay attention, if it's serious or not, in order to do the necessary to cure it.

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A fever is most often caused by an infection in your body. It's your body's first line of defense to rid your body of that infection.

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Yea.. I ws at school and I didn't feel so good so I went to the clint and told he that and he took my temp rture and it was high. It was 100.1

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