Is It True That Lesbians Are Less Likely Than Gay Men To Catch AIDS And Other Viruses?


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Chris Brown answered
The virus is much more easily transmitted where there are interruptions in the integrity of the tissue surface -- i.e. Tears.  Rectal tissue tears more easily than vaginal, and that's why transmission rates are three to twenty times higher for the receptive partner in (gay or straight) anal sex with ejaculation than for a woman having penetrative vaginal sex with ejaculation.    Oral transmission is rarer.  There are decent numbers that demonstrate there is a risk of contracting HIV from performing fellatio (gay or straight), but while there are anecdotal reports of women becoming infected through cunnilingus, hard numbers are difficult to come by.  The presence of oral sores, bleeding or irritated gums , etc., is associated with a much higher risk.    Shared sex toys may also pose a risk, as they may cause minute tissue tears through which the virus might pass.
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Well not doing anal has nothing too do with catching aids, neither does catching a cold. Any one can catch aids if they come in contact with the virus, in the form of blood or body fluid from an infected person. I guess if the two Lesbians only fooled with each other and no one else then they stand a lesser chance of getting aids.
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Although their behavior is less risky than that of gay men, they can and do contract HIV. Women actually contract the virus easier than men do. This is due to how thin the vaginal lining is. Whether or not they contract the virus from oral sex or not and how easily is likely a mystery.

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