Can I Contract HIV From Performing Oral Sex?


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I think it's insane to let people who are not doctors or AIDS specialist to answer such a question this is something that should be consulted through a qualified doctor not some joker who thinks he knows everything but having said that I have asked three different HIV doctors in three different locations all three said if either one of the participants have AIDS and both have open sores in their mouth or penis it is possible but if there is no open sore to transmit the virus NO you won't pass it on so it would be advised to check the mouth since anything on the penis is going to be obvious and should not proceed with oral sex in this case ask a doctor not some random computer generated program with answers from just every day people for crying out load
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There has never been a medically documented case of hiv transmission through oral sex. The only way you could possibly get it is if you had a open sore in your mouth , but then the chances are still low. You can not get it from swallowing semen. The hiv virus is so weak and fragile it cannot survive outside of the body. It dies on contact with air. So I don't really see how it could survive the attack of the digestive system acids.
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Normally HIV is not transmitted through oral sex. But It will be transmitted if you swallow the ejaculation. It is a very high risk. So be careful
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The chances out of 100% would be 13% - 44%
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HIV is transmitted through oral sex. The mouth is lined with the same cells (squamous epithelium) as the vagina and anus. Also a recent study done on 100 plus HIV positive gay men in San Francisco showed that a whooping 10% where infected by oral sex.

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