Are There Any Websites That I Can Go To, Type In Symptoms And Get An Estimate Of What I Could Have?


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WebMD is one site that can take symptoms and give you ideas on what might be wrong.  Another word of advice though, most doctors do not like it when you do their job for them. If you go in to the doctor after doing your self diagnosis, let the doctor come up with their own prognosis, then you might suggest whatever else you found and let the doctor validate or this-prove them.

Also, some times self diagnosis can lead you to have symptoms that don't actually exist. Say you find out what could be wrong and there is a couple additional symptoms that could possibly be there. Your mind could make you start feeling those symptoms as well even though you really don't have them. That is fairly common.
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Here is a site where you can list your symptoms and get a list of possible causes.  Obviously, one has to be extremely cautions about using these types of sites, because disease may manifest itself differently from one individual to another, and to varying degrees.  It is no substitute for a qualified doctor (but I'm sure you know that), and has the capacity to really cause a person undue worry.

I had a friend who insisted on using such a site for self-diagnosis, and was certain she had uterine cancer.  By the time the weekend was over, she was a nervous wreck, and rushed to her doctor in panic.  Turns out she was pregnant.  She laughs about it now, but it was not funny at the time.  I encourage you not to rely too much on the Internet as regards your health and keep in close touch with your doc. I wish you the best.

Here is the link:  Symptoms
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Thanks! I once went to the doctor for depression and found out I was pregnant! We, who share similar stories can laugh about it all now. :) I am just mostly looking for rough guidelines so thank you so much for your answer it does help!
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Okay I don't know any websites, but it never hurts to let your doctor know about the problems you are experiencing.  Many people often tell their relatives and see if they know.  Some people in the U.S. Have some type of illness and don't know what it is because they didn't take the time to go to the doctor to see what it is and they become even sicker.

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