How To Prevent Gall Bladder Symptoms?


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The major disorder of the gallbladder is the presence of gallstones. Another common disorder is cholecystitis, or inflammation of the organ, which results due to the presence of highly concentrated bile. Gall bladder disease cannot be prevented by any specific measures although weight reduction and reducing intake of fatty foods may help. Ursodiol can shrink gallstones, but it is recommend only in special cases.

A gallbladder operation is recommended when there is an acute inflammation which can be diagnosed by elevated temperature, pain and tenderness in the area around the gallbladder. An increased white blood cell count, and x-ray evidence of a diseased organ also help detect the disease and in such a case surgery is recommended.

A gall bladder patient should be operated upon when they are having recurrent attacks of severe, colicky pain due to the presence of gallstones. Similarly when there is evidence of gallbladder malfunction causing chronic indigestion, nausea, flatulence, and pain in the right upper part of the abdomen.
Surgery is also recommended when obstructing stones cause jaundice.
A gallbladder patient needs to educate themselves on how to detoxify their bodies. However in most cases there is nothing one can do except operating upon.

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