My Husband Gets These Sores Under The Fold Of His Stomach At His Waist, All They Do Is Bleed But Will Not Go Away, He Just Keep Getting More. What Are They And How Do We Get Rid Of Them?


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Sores that appear under the fold of a stomach can often be a yeast infection caused by obesity, or possibly diabetes. The fact that there are more appearing is a common symptom of an infection of this sort. It is important to keep the area dry and clean and try to promote air flow across the sores. You should use antibacterial cream on any open, bleeding sores to stop them becoming infected any further. If he has a rash, another symptom that is often found alongside sores such as these, you should get an antifungal cream from the pharmacy to use on that. If your husband has been suffering with these sores with no signs of improvements for a few weeks, then it is worth booking an appointment with your doctor. A doctor may be able to prescribe some stronger creams that will help stop the sores from spreading and will be able to give advice about how to prevent them in the future.

If your husband is diabetic or overweight, then the best way to prevent these sores from coming back in the future is to encourage weight loss. Folds in the stomach are more prominent and do not get enough air flow if an individual is obese. Often the friction in the folds can cause a rash that then leads to more painful and serious sores. Sitting down for long periods of time is a big contributor to this friction as this is when the stomach is most folded. Try to see a doctor or a dermatologist as soon as possible to avoid the sores getting a worse infection. The sores could be bacterial or fungal and either way, the sooner they are dealt with the better. In the meantime, keep the area as clean and dry.
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Norma Vander Vort
I fold a Kleenex in half and insert it one one side of my navel, then use another on the other side. This helps to keep it very. You can change it a couple times a day when necessary.
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Ok, so I'm not sure what they really look like but since you say that you pop them and blood comes out then they get bigger I think I do have a good idea what it is.  First of all does any puss come out with the blood.  It sounds to me like they are boils, which is a form of staff infections.  Whatever you do... Do not pop them anymore.  This actually causes the infection to dig deeper which will not only make them larger but also cause them to spread and he could start ending up with sores all over the place.  The only way I know to treat them at home, and it takes time, use a damp rag, as warm as he can stand it and place it over the sore, keep it over the sore until it cool and just repeat this over and over when he has time to sit and relax.. Do this several times a day.  Make sure the area stays clean and always use a sanitary rag.  When your husband has to work or go somewhere make sure to put triple antibiotic ointment on the area and cover it with gauze.  Also you need to be cautious because this particular infection is contagious.  If they continue to get worse you need to see a doctor.  Hope my advice helps.
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I almost forgot. It will take time for these things to heal. It will be several days, but like i said if they are what i am thinking (boils) this is pretty much the only way to treat them.
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Is he overweight? Its possible they are caused by the friction from the 'fold' rubbing on his stomach. A hydrocortisone cream such as canesten may help clear them up. You don't mention that he's seen a doctor, if not then he really should.
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I used to get similar sores before I lost weight. It does sound like a boils. Canesten is not cortisone cream it is actually an anti-fungal. Which is not a bad idea. Try a warm/hot bath that is loaded with salt twice daily. Use hot compresses. Try heating some water in a glass jar and wrapping it around damp salt water dipped clean cloth onto the sore. Maybe lie down and watch tv or read for an hour or so. Apply Triple anti-biotic cream, fucidin (by Prescription only I believe) mix to it. Don't use a hydrocortisone cream as it can make matters worse if there is any yeast present. If your husband is large sized or diabetic go see a doctor about it asap. When not applying heat try to keep it open to the air (when at home) and use a light covering of the creams, a light dusting of cornstarch to keep the area dry when out and about. Good Luck hope this helps.
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If your husband wears a belt it could be an allergic reaction to the metal in the buckle. I had a problem similar to this, but mine was more of a rash.
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I get the same thing, I was looking for the answer on the interent and thanks for all the advice. I have this sore that is underneath the fold of my stomach, and I had picked it and puss was starting to come out of it then blood did, I also have 2 other smaller but similar ones on my side. They have been there for about 2 weeks.

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