Can A Human Get Pink Eye From Cats Or Rabbits?


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Can humans get pink eye from cats or rabbits?

Pink eye cannot be passed from animals to humans, only from animal to animal - and therefore it is very unlikely that you or someone you know has caught pink eye from a rabbit or a cat.

There are many different infections that can pass from humans to animals and it's possible that it could be one of these. Either way, it would be a good idea for you to go to the doctors to see what condition you may have and to establish what the cause of the infection may be.

  • If the rabbit or cat is showing no signs of any infection, then it is likely that the human infection which looks like pink eye is just something else.
  • Once you have been diagnosed by your doctor, you can then be treated correctly and should have no further problems.
  • If you do have pet rabbits or cats and you go to the vets on a regular basis to ensure that they are fit and healthy, you can be sure that one of the injections which they are given is going to be for the prevention of pink eye.
  • You should never jump to conclusions when it comes to infections and what their causes may be, so you must ensure that you seek medical advice to ensure that you are given the correct treatment for any infection.
  • Once you have had the treatment, it may be a good idea to take your rabbit or cat to the vets to ensure that you have not passed your infection to your animal, and that it is properly treated for pink eye so  that you will not have any worries in the future.
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The typical red eye allergy passes from humans to humans and it is not possible to get it from any other animal. However if it is not the typical red eye allergy, then a human might get it through the rabbits. You need to check it with the doctor anyhow.

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