What Is A Pimple On Eyeball?


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Unfortunately, we are not medical professionals and cannot answer this question.
We urge you to seek advice from a medical professional such as an optometrist in order to answer this question.

  • Optometrist
An optometrist is an eye doctor. At this doctor's office you will be taken into a room with eye charts and eye equipment. As a simple check to find out what may be on your eye the doctor will take a look with the naked eye at the "pimple." They will also take a closer look with some of their equipment and test your eye sight.

  • More information needed
A description would be needed even for a non-medical professionals to even provide an educated guess. There are plenty of things that can be meant by this question when it comes to your eyes. As someone who wears contacts and has had eye infections along with styes it is possible to make some statements.

An eye infection is often painful, where the eye is red and irritated and it may feel like there is a piece of sand or other debris in a certain part of the eye. An eye infection that goes untreated will create light sensitivity and will need steroids to solve the issue.

It can produce a discoloration of the eye at the site of the infection. It may even look like a pimple to the naked eye, but this is from my personal experience and does not mean the problem you have is the same.

A stye is actually formed on the eye lid, either in the corners or somewhere on the edge of the lid. It can irritate the eye by scraping at it. A stye is like a pimple in looks and actually does have dirt inside. It is not on the eyeball, though. As advised earlier it is always best to seek a medical professional's opinion to truly find out what your issue may be.

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It could be a pimple or a stye. See a is a page on styes. Hope this helps.
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This is pilonidal sinus that is skin infection and it is common disease for men and women. You can use antibiotics and ointment that can reduce infection and cause drainage in eye.
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This is what I think it is. My son pointed out that I had a pimple in my eye. After looking it up I learned that excessive sunlight can cause pimple "looking" things in the eye. Well I haven't had sun exposure, however; 2 weeks ago I started a Vitamin D regamin of 1,000 Mg's a day. So I'm going to completely discontinue Vitamin D use and see what happens.

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