I Have A Clear Bump On My Eye Ball. What Can It Be?


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The eyes are one of the most vital sensory organs on the human body. It is imperative to take care of them to ensure a lifetime of quality vision and to enjoy your friends and family into your golden years. If you have developed a clear bum on your eye ball, there are a number of remedies that you can do yourself to relive this situation.

Once you notice the irritation, take a wash rag and soak it with cool water. Apply it gently to the irritated eye at least three times a day. Another good remedy is to use eye drops that are made to soothe eye irritation. Visine and similar products are good at reducing irritation and ridding your eyes of dirt and other foreign objects that can cause this uncomfortable condition.

Another possible cause of this condition could be one of the products you use on a daily basis, such as shampoo. If you have started using a new product for your hair, discontinue it immediately. If this does not solve the problem, try a new product that is known for being non-irritating.  Use a baby shampoo, the no-tears type, and this may take care of your problem.

If you're a woman, and use make-up products such as mascara, this may be the cause of your problem. Experiment with another product to see if this relieves your irritation. Sun worshipers may also find that sunscreen that gets in your eyes can the source of the irritation, so be sure and keep it out of your eyes when you're at the beach or pool.

If the condition persists after taking all of the above actions, it may be time to consult a doctor. The doctor can diagnose your problem and refer you to a specialist if the case is serious enough.
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I have a Nodule on my eye and it has nothing to do with my eye it has to do with something else going on with My body The eye doctor thinks I might have RA So If I was you I would really go see a eye doctor. My eye sight is 100% great. And Like I said had nothing to do with my eye what so ever.. The eye doctor said some times when something else is wrong with your body it will show through your eyes. SO I really would have it checked.
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Cataracts :{
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Dear, as soon as possible go and check yourself to an eye specialist because eyes are very sensitive part of your body, if the bump is on the eyelids then we can say that it is not as much serious but as you said that its on the eyeball then it could be dangerous too because it could be some serious infection, could be an eye ham -bridge etc, just go to the doctor.
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I also have this. My eye doctor told me it was from being in the sun too much ... Light reflecting off nose and into the eye. Nothing to worry about unless it really starts hurting .. Then you might have to have it removed.

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