What's The New Treatment For My Multiple Sclerosis?


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For those who are suffering with MS or multiple sclerosis there are a number of modern treatments that are viable products including Betaseron or Predisone. Another modern product is something called glyconutrients. In fact, the discovery of Glyconutrients has been hailed as the most significant scientific finding since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin!
This is because due to a number of high-profile tests, glyconutrients can improve things including increase muscle mass and bone density, reduce cholesterol, speed up the healing process and ease the symptoms of allergies.
The reason why is that glyconutrients are an essential part of the process by which cells communicate with each other. Every cell in your body is entirely capable of communication and it is through the use of ‘glyconutrients’ that our cells have the molecular ‘alphabet’ of cellular language. So every cell needs these glyconutrients to obtain and maintain optimal health.
There are recent scientific discoveries that have discovered that complex combinations of sugar molecules on the outside of cells known as glyconutrients have the chance to provide the means to communicate all biological data.
In essence, glyconutrients have been identified as having a biological function instead of just being used for calories as has been previously thought. So what do cells talk to each other about? Well each and every cell has to be recognised by the immune system, to be defended if under attack by a determined little virus or bacteria, repaired if damaged, fed when needing energy and most importantly regulated by hormones and cleansed from all sorts of harmful toxins.
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Some new treatment options are under investigation and trials. These are Campath (alemtuzumab), Zenapex (daclizumab), finglomod and neurovax.

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