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There are a variety of medical symptoms which can produce a burning sensation in the armpit area. Think about if you have started using any new health care products such as a new deodorant, shaving foam, shower gel or moisturizer. If you have, stop using it immediately to see whether or not the burning persists. Over shaving can also cause irritation in the area so do not shave for a few days and see if this helps the problem. It is also possible to get in-growing hairs from shaving your armpits which can be uncomfortable and produce a burning sensation. You can buy creams from your pharmacy to help ease an in-growing hair from under the skin’s surface. Wearing clothing that are too tight may also be the cause, so have a few days wearing loose clothing to see if this was the problem.
If you still have a burning feeling then the most likely cause would be a skin infection. You should carefully inspect the area in the mirror to establish whether there is any redness of sign of infection. If it is an infection, you will probably need to see your doctor for an antibiotic to get rid of the infection as quickly as possible and without it spreading to other parts of your skin. If you have any swelling around the armpit area you should see a doctor immediately. Swelling of the lymphatic glands is common due to a virus and you doctor will be able to prescribe medication immediately for the virus. If it is not a virus, there is the possibility it could be something more serious as armpit pain can also be a sign of cancer. If your pain is caused by swollen glands, it will disappear within a few days but if not, you should definitely see a doctor.
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I have the same problem under both armpits. I went to bed and woke up in pain. Very painful. Went paintballing yesterday and didn't shower but I don't know what caused or what to do
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There can be a number of reasons for a burning armpit:
Peripheral artery disease
Peripheral Neuropathy
Chemical burn
Heat burn
Peripheral nerve trauma
Peripheral nerve compression
Brachial plexus injury
Cerebrovascular accident
Underarm injury
So I can't say for sure whats the cause of your problem. However, you can find out by consulting a doctor.
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It could be as simple as a allergic reaction or cuts from the clothing you are wearing or a illness. I suggest you see a doctor and let him investigate.

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