My Arms Have Tingling Itchy Burning Rash, Very Painful Due To Burning Sensation. Can You Help?


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Rashes can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if they itch or are sore. They can be the cause of many problems, one of the most common being an allergic reaction; this could be almost anything and often proves impossible to find the cause. Triggers could be anything from something you have eaten to something simple like the material of maybe a new item of clothing. Also, some soaps or detergents can cause rashes, so think about if you have used a new product or even a new fragrance.

Some foods cause allergic reactions so you need to think of what you have eaten or drank in the last 24 hours; it could be something you have never had before, for example seafood, peanuts and strawberries are all common foods that can set off an allergic reaction. It is simply a process of elimination. Start a food diary for a few weeks, as this will help you to keep track of what you have eaten and will be extremely helpful to a doctor if you need to see one. I know it sounds easier said than done, but try to avoid scratching the area as this can make matters worse and even help spread the rash.

Antihistamine tablets can be purchased over the counter and these will help with the itching. If you prefer not to take medication then you can purchase lotions or creams that will also help with the itching and redness. You will still need to see your doctor, especially if the rash does not go away, gets worse or starts to spread.

Other reasons for this problem could be sunburn or prickly heat. This is also very common and can be treated with over the counter powder or creams. Be sure to stay out of the sun and keep cool.

Although most rashes are not dangerous, we would advise you seek medical advice as we are not an authorized medical authority.
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I have the same thing and my doctor said it was due to stress. Yes, and he gave me an pill for anxiety and it stops the itch right away. The problem, it won't work after you get use to the dosage and now mine has returned. I am going to the doctor tomorrow and will let everyone know.
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I have that too. I was wondering what it one knows I'm going to the doctor soon though.
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Your problem can not be diagnosed without examination of the rash. It can be due to food allergy, contact allergy, allergic reactions due to drugs, contact eczema and scabies. It will be good to see a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.

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