Pancreatic Cancer Sympton - Itching, My Question Is Where Does It Itch?


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The itching in pancreatic cancer is caused by the body's reaction to cancer antibodies. The normal level of antibodies in a healthy person is 35. Mine is at 170 now. The itching can occur anywhere. Presents as hives sometimes, or can be a singular spot, much like an insect bite. To some extent an antihistimine can reduce the itch. I use Benedryl, it works quite well for me. Good Luck.
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Pancreatic cancer is the cancer of pancrease. Prognosis is very poor. Few peoples survive for 5 years after diagnosis. In the later stage high levels of bilirubin in blood cause it's binding in skin and the result is severe itching all over the body.
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There is no particular area where itching is localized in pancreatic cancer patient. As increase in bilirubin in blood cause this itching and blood circulate in all body. So itching in these patients is not localized in one area.
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Itching in genitals area

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