What Other Ways Can You Catch Trichomoniasis Besides Sexual Transmission?


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The only proven way of contracting Trichomoniasis is through sexual intercourse or sexual contact. Some have suggested it is possible to contract Trichomoniasis through surfaces and objects such as toilet seats and clothing but this is yet to be scientifically verified.

Although both men and woman can contract the sexual transmitted infection that is Trichomoniasis or Tric for short, the symptoms are only obvious in women.

The main symptoms women who contract Trichomoniasis will suffer are:

•    Inflammation of the cervix
•    Inflammation of the vagina
•    Itching and burning sensation in the vagina
•    Pain when engaging in sexual intercourse and passing urine
•    Pungent discharge from the vagina

If a woman is experiencing any of these symptoms then it is highly advised they seek a medical examination as soon as possible. Booking an appointment with a doctor is the quickest way for this to happen. Any sexually transmitted infection needs to be treated immediately to stop it developing into something more serious and permanent. If some sexually transmitted diseases are not treated it can lead to infertility.

Although most people will find it embarrassing to go to the doctors and have their genitalia examined, it is always worth doing. To have the problem diagnosed and treated correctly is crucial to a successful recovery and to stop it spreading to any future sexual partners.

Practicing safe sex is a great way of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and the most effective way is to use condoms.
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Trichomonas is mostly transmitted through sexual intercourse but can also be transmitted through other routes such as dirty towels and wash cloths has been documented. Pregnant women can also pass this infection to their babies during vaginal births.
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Is trichomoniasis a bacteria
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En definitiva, se especula de que solo por transmision sexual, pero you se ha constatado por estudios recientes que el mal uso de servicio publicos, hoteles, toallas hasta ropa humeda y tallada, son formas de contraer este parasito, que de todas las enfermedades ETS, soy mujer y yo no tengo pareja ni he tengo relaciones sexuales ocasionales ni con pareja fija, y se me ha pegado por utilizar servicios públicos, rigurozamente he estado segura de eso.....

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