What Is The Reason For Chill In One Leg And Not The Other Or Not In Any Other Part Of The Body?


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There are many different symptoms that the human body can suffer from and numbness or a severe chill in one leg and no other part of the body is one of the most common. There are a number of different causes for this symptom and some are far more serious than others. Circulation is one of the most common causes; this will be a feeling that is very similar to when your leg goes to sleep. This can happen for a number of reasons. You could simply have slept or sat on your leg in a way that has impeded the circulation to your leg. This will cause a cold feeling or numbness in your leg that can sometimes be severe enough to make it difficult to walk on. This can be remedied by stretching your leg and slowly bringing the circulation back into the affected leg. The second and far more serious cause of this cold feeling or numbness in your leg and nowhere else is a blood clot. A blood clot anywhere in your body can actually be fatal and should therefore never be taken lightly. The blood clot can become removed from its location in the leg and travel through the bloodstream up to the head or the heart and cause death. If you find yourself with a persistent feeling of coldness or numbness in either leg then it is advisable to take a visit to your local doctor or physician to have it checked out. If it is a blood clot, it will need to be treated extremely quickly to ensure that you do not suffer any more serious illness from the clot.
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There are several different factors to my understanding. First, Yes Circulation! Like when your leg falls asleep? Sometimes a person can barley walk. The circulation is impeded somehow. A more serious possibility is also a blood-clot. This is a very dangerous situation and many people do die from it as the blood-clot can break loose and go to the heart of head and do the same thing in these vital areas resulting in a quick death! Then there are the issues in between. If it is persistent you should probably see a doctor for an evaluation just to play it safe. The same can happen to your entire left side or your left arm, leg anywhere on your left side that become numb and achy is sometime a very real warning sign of heart trouble, clogged arteries and other related issues that all need a physician to diagnose and treat.
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Hi Lost, I have to agree with Nomad concerning circulation. It could be that you have developed a blood flow problem in a vein.
I wish there were a nurse on-site today. They would be better qualified to answer your question.
If it persists though, maybe you need to have it checked out.
Do you have any other symptoms, such as aching or pain in the leg?
I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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Its ok tamarind! Thanks for answering. yes, i do have pain in my leg, and especially in a line, which probably indicates a pain in nerve. And my leg seems very heavy as well.
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Sounds like a possible blood clot, Lost. Please go and have it checked out. May be a superficial vein. If so, they will want you to elevate the leg and put a heating pad on it to help the clot dissolve. But it may be a deep vein thrombosis, "that", can be VERY serious. I don't want to scare you but you have to get it checked by a doctor to know for sure. So please don't put this off.
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Something is stopping the blood flow from moving through your leg properly. I would call the doctor and advise him of your symptoms right away...if you don't have a family doctor, go to an urgent care clinic so they can do some testing...It may not be serious, but you shouldn't take any chances. Let us all know because we care about you.
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All I can think of is bad-circulation in that one leg...get it checked out soon...to make sure there's no blod-clotting in your leg...your in my prayers...
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Hmmm, I think this, coupled with the problem you had with your hand before... Your body is trying to tell you something. I'm betting it has to do with blood circulation/heart. I really think you should see a cardiologist... Or at least your regular doctor and then go from there.
It's better to be safe than sorry.
I hope you are feeling some better.
I do believe the consensus is: we all agree with nomad's answer my dear.
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Lately I had a feeling of chill in my left leg, more in the night time, though my both legs would be equally covered and protected. I started taking asprin 75 mg. In the morning (Asprin is concidered to be blood thinner and help in better blood circulation). My problem got immediatly solved. I no more suffer from chill in my left leg.
Mohan Choudhri
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Lack of circulation/blood flow to the leg. Or the leg is more sensitive to cold than the other leg.
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But such never happened before. I am having it from yesterday. And the leg in which i am getting chills was not in any such position, where it could be under pressure and thereby the circulation of blood would stop. Do u find any other reason?
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it does not have to be in a certain position to have loss of circulation .it can happen from sitting for a long time . i suggest you see a doctor if you are worried about it since i am not a doctor. there are to many reasons for this to keep guessing the cause without some physical examination.
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Thank you for sharing your question/concern with me, but anyone could give you their educated guess. When it comes to health issues, you should probably be discussing it with your doctor.
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It can be several things from blood circulation, blood clot, or even a nerve problem, bottom line is the best thing to do is go see a doctor.

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Hi honey you need to see your gp for an mot, I have one every year with the nurse better safe than sorry take care
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Hi Lost,

Hope you are well today.

I suppose that it can be an alert for something that is not quite right.

I'm really not sure other than the circulation/blood flow reply by nomad why one leg would be colder than the other.

I've dealt with this issue since I was told I had probable MS in 1988 and attribute it to the fact that I cannot use my left leg as adeptly as my right. I live with it, keeping a blanket near just in case!! LOL.

Have a WONDERFUL day!!

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I have the exact same thing, and have been scouring the net to find out why. It has been happening for 2 days only on the left thigh. It is not because of cold. It happens without control or pattern.
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I have been having the same feeling for a few months only after working 8 hours (6 to 3pm) after getting in my car i have a chill sensation on my right side but never in the morning

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