Can Dehydration Cause Fever And Chills?


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Dehydration can definitely cause a fever. Having a fever itself may cause dehydration, which is why it is essential you hydrate a lot during such circumstances. Dehydration may also cause chills or shivering which themselves, are symptoms of the cause.

As the body heats up, the fluids in the body also do, as a cooling down mechanism. This can dehydrate a person very quickly and can cause effects such as dizziness, nausea, headaches and kidney pains. If not treated quickly, severe dehydration can result in seizures.

We can usually tell that we are dehydrated through a dry mouth and lack of urinating. Other symptoms are lethargy, lack of tears, a decrease in blood pressure, sunken eyes and bad skin. It is important to keep hydrated to allow the body to function properly.

Illnesses and viruses may cause dehydration, such as colds and stomach bugs. This can cause dehydration which will only make the illness persist. If the body becomes desperately dehydrated, you may need to seek medical treatment for more drastic measures, such as a drip in the arm. This gives the body high doses of hydration without increasing the illness.

There may be underlying issues that are causing dehydration. It is a symptom of many more serious problems, in particular diabetes. A symptom of diabetes is severe dehydration and urinating as a result.

You should seek medical advice if you are continuously dehydrated.
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Yes it sure can and you need to get some fluids in you right away. Being dehydrated can get very serious. It causes your cells to dry up and wither away because there is nothing to bathe them. You need to see your Dr to see how dehydrated you are. If you pull and pinch lightly the skin on your foreman if it makes like a tent you are in trouble.
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Fever or pyrexia is the body's increase in temp. Following your bodys bacterial or viral immune response. If your exercising and experiencing the chills its simply because post exercise you experience a shift in blood flow from the extremities to the core and your body takes time to adjust to the lack of thermogenesis and blood in the limbs, not to be confused with fever, much more serious. Keep warm, hydrate of course, but unless your fever is prolonged I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

Chronic dehydration however can be very serious and will decrease your immunity, and yes fever will result.
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Yes pedialyte is good to restore unless you are down to not drinking or eating then you have to have iv fluid
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Dehydration will cause diarrhea and can be easily detected by pinching your arm skin and see if it snaps back to place quickly or not.

BTW. You are not drinking enough water/liquids according to your question. You should be drinking 6 cups/ day or more depending on your physical surroundings, energy expenditure, and size.

I always have Gatorade or pedialyte around the house in case someone needs it. Good to have a cup a day for at least awhile till your body gets back on track. I suggest  you Home remedies for fever through this you get instant of knowledge about What's good for fever .

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