How To Treat Human Worms?


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Firstly your doctor will need to determine the type of worm. Threadworms, Roundworms and Tapeworms are the three most common.
Threadworms are tiny worm parasites that infect the intestines of humans. They are sometimes identified as pinworms, are white and look like a small piece of thread. Threadworms do not always cause symptoms, although some people will experience itchiness around their private region, especially at night.
To thoroughly eradicate threadworms, the entire household must be treated, even if not everyone has symptoms as there is a high risk of spreading (around 75% between family members).
You can do either follow a strict hygiene method for six weeks (the lifespan of threadworms) or take medication and follow a strict hygiene method for two weeks. Mebendazole foils threadworms from absorbing glucose, so they will die within a few days. Piperazine paralyses them and when combined with a medication called senna, they will be pushed naturally out of the bowel.
Roundworms are worms that can infest the human digestive tract, specifically the small intestine. A roundworm infection is also sometimes known as ascariasis. Often there are no noticeable symptoms with a roundworm infection.
If they do they will include a high temperature and dry cough. There may also be mild abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea later on. Treatment may include the use of the two medicines described above as well as one called Albendazole.
Tapeworms live in people's intestines and tend to be flat, segmented and ribbon-like. You will need treatment to get rid of it as some adult worms can grow to 30 feet in length. Again you may not feel any symptoms or they can be mistaken for another illness as stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea are the signs. A patient will probably be prescribed Niclosamide or Praziquantel, to either dissolve the worm or to pass it through the bowels.
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The ovex tablet contains mebendazole which is an anthelmintic use to remove worms from human intestine especially thread worms. This medicine block the sugar absorbing abilities of the worm leading to their death in few days. A single dose of this medicine is sufficient. If the infection reoccur, you can repeat the dose after two weeks.
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Depending on the type of worms your talking about, the most common worm is the threadworm or some call them pin worms, it safe to treat them after 10 days. It is common for doctors to treat twice. Usually people get worms from dirt or another family member. Small children are at higher risk because of playing in dirt which contains the eggs of these worms and by the dirt being put in mouth someway, the eggs later hatch out and the worms live in our intestinal tract, mainly our large intestine and rectum. At night they come outside of your rectum and lay eggs, which is what causes itching. And if you scratch in your sleep , the eggs are then under your nails, which usually end up on something you eat or put in your mouth, so the cycle starts all over again. So its very important to wash sheets regularly, keep your nails clipped short and cleaned, keep hands washed and keep your night clothes changed every night until the cycle is over.  if you have small children they could be the source. Its important to treat all and do the same things for each family member. 
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Round worm medication will not work on tapeworms.  Most round worm medication includes pyrantel pamoate and is not effective against tapeworms.  Tape worms are treated with praziquantel (Droncit) and epsiprantel (Cestex); these are the only reliable medications to treat tapeworms in canines and felines.  Albendazole is not approved for treat tapeworms in dogs or cats.  Fenbendazole may be effective in treating one type of tapeworm (Taenia sp.) but does not treat Dipylidium sp. And these are more common.
A fecal sample should be examined to confirm diagnosis and make sure there is not a co-infection present.
This advice is for dogs and cats only.  If this is in regards to a human infection contact your physician.
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You have not indicated that whether you wanted to use this medicine in human or dogs/cats? You can use one medicine which contains albendazole for tapeworm, roundworm, pinworms, hookworms and whipworms. While other medicines for roundworm can not be used for tapeworms. There are separate medicines for tapeworms and roundworms except albendazole.  For more details, visit anthelmintics.
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I have a problem with my gold fish, I can see some few worms around the body and fines that show the fish is sick
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There is and old fashion way to get rid of them but it is for tape worms maybe other worms I'm not sure but all you have to do is take a glass of soiled milk and hold it to your mouth once the worm smells it it will crawl up your throat and into the milk and doent worry it shouldnt hurt when the worm is crawling up your throut  but you may also have to wait a while    ps hope it works you

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