How Do You Treat Tapeworms In Humans?


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There is a variety of treatments for tapeworm in humans, and they all need to be taken orally. There are some over the counter remedies but, as with most drugs, the ones that you get on prescription are stronger and so will be more effective. This means that you will need to visit your doctor, who will probably want a stool sample from the person who believes they are affected by tapeworms. Do not let this put you off seeing your GP; this option will only lead to possible embarrassment (on your behalf, your GP will be totally unconcerned) whereas untreated tapeworms can lead to serious health issues.

Tapeworms are parasites and they live in the intestines of their host, who can be either a human or an animal. The most common way of being infested with this parasite is by ingesting food, water or soil that has been contaminated with the faeces of an animal or human that has tapeworm.

If you have a pet, you must check often to see if they have fleas because ingesting fleas is a common cause of tapeworm. Worming your animal is a vital part of its care, so that the whole family does not become infected with tapeworms.

Tape worm egg sacs can sometimes be seen in the stools of the affected carrier; they look like cucumber seeds and can move. It is vital that personal hygiene is strongly adhered to, with hands being washed properly after using the toilet so there is no chance of re-infestation.

Once medication has been taken, it is likely that the doctor will want to see the affected person again to do a repeated stool test. This is because tapeworms are in sections and so can break apart; if the entire worm is not killed, it can simply grow back again.
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One of the best ways to treat tapeworms in humans is by oral medication. These medications are generally toxic to the adult tapeworms like Praziquantel (Biltricide) and albendazole (Albenza).

These medications are generally taken in with the help of the digestive track and which in turn dissolve or attack the tapeworm. These medications only work on adult tapeworms rather than eggs so you must be careful of the whole process of infecting yourself. It is a must that you wash your hands every time you use the loo or even before eating. In some cases the tape worm even moves outside the intestine track into your tissues it is very necessary then that you visit the doctor. In case you ignore this, it can lead to various other problems for which you will need to have surgery.
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Can you use milk to get rid of a tapeworm in humans

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