Are Women More Likely To Suffer From Depression Than Men Are?


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It is thought that women do tend to suffer from depression more than men; however that isn't to say that men do not suffer from the condition.

Women tend to be more in touch with their feelings and they tend to be more sensitive than men. It is also thought that women under the age of 30 are the ones most likely to suffer from the condition. This is usually due to the fact that women's hormones tend to play up a lot more when they are under the age of 30.

However, if men do get depression, the effects tend to be a lot worse. Women tend to cry, suffer from either weight gain or loss and become withdrawn. Men on the other hand tend to turn more to alcohol and drugs, eat excessively and become violent both to others and to themselves. So, whilst depression does tend to affect women more, it tends to have worse effects in men.

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I'm not sure than that one but I do know women are less afraid to show senstivity whilst men put on this hard front so mabe more women are getting noticed with depression but I'm sure if people look deeper they will find that a lot of men have depression aswell ;D

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Woman are 2 times more likely to suffer from depression, although men being mis diagnosed for depression is one of the most common misdiagnosis there are....and is actually a huge problem
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Yes, I would say women are more depressed then men.

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