How Can I Figure Out What I'm Allergic To?


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It is not usually a good option to try and use websites as an indicator to figure out what you are allergic to because many of them are not medically accurate. Those websites who claim to offer you tests that you can purchase then you shouldn't waste your time or money as these will probably not work.

The best thing for you to do when it comes to figuring out what you are allergic to is to visit your Doctor or local pharmacy as many of them will offer free allergy testing. Just pop in and ask for an allergy test and they will either do it for you then and there or set an appointment time with you for you to come back and take the test at a later date. It might take a few days for the results to come back to the Doctor's who will probably give you a call on the number that you leave with them with the results of your allergy test. This will be the safest option and the easiest.

If you wish to figure out if you are allergic to any foods then you should go on an elimination diet. This method is best if you have recently got symptoms of an allergic reaction e.g. Watery eyes or an itchy throat then you should eliminate any foods that you suspect are causing your reaction. If your symptoms go away then you re-introduce the foods and see if they come back. Then as the week goes on then you can gradually narrow down the foods you suspect so that you can eventually pinpoint the food causing your reaction.

If you cannot figure out which foods you are allergic to or if the test doesn't reveal any results then you will be best off going to see your Doctor who will be able to assess your symptoms professionally.
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I do not know about sites, but I can say there is a cheap way of finding out, it is called an allergy screening. I think it is available at your gp / clinic.easiest & safest way, as some people have different reactions to different things. Don't think it could be as accurate if you look for it on the web.
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I've been allergy tested before and am going back after 10 years since my last. They prick your skin with different things that could trigger an allergy response. The site will swell and be itchy and red. It's worth the test to find out what you are allergic to. Best of luck to you.
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A common way to figure out what you are allergic to is to go on a elimination diet. That is, figure out which foods your recently ate that gave you the allergic response (i.e.: Watery eyes, itchy throat) and eliminate these for 7 days. When these allergic symptoms go away, then slowly introduce the foods you think are 'suspect' and see if you get an allergic reaction. You will have to introduce the possible allergy causing foods one at a time. Then you will narrow the field down, and find the food you are allergic to. The elimination diet is a standard way to weed out allergy causing foods.
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Ive got red blotchy skin and spots all over my neck, stomach,back,and legs,is this allergic reaction or heat spots because on my legs ive got 2 big lumps what are they I'm 14 n I'm a worried person x

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