Why Are My Feet And Ankles Retaining Fluid?


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My ankles and legs are so full of fluid that I can't feel anything it's as if they are numb, and it is from my ankle to my toes. My left ankle is th one with more pain. I also get cramp and I can't move to help or move my toes.
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Protein in urine
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If you have ruled out pregnancy then do you have a job that requires standing for long period of time if so you should walk about as much as you can in between breaks or is  it that you have taken on exercise/gym lately,there is also a condition called restless legs syndrome if none of these apply go see your gp for better advice take care
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actually I have started walking a lot more these last few weeks. I was pretty sedentary until recently...maybe my body has to get used to it.
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If you are not pregnant, then it is a blood circulation problem. You need to see your doctor. Having circulatory problems can lead to strokes, aneurysms, or heart problems. They may also want to put you on a water pill along with whatever other medicine is needed. Definitely go see your doctor.
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It is basically due to the inactivity or much less activity of your legs and lower body.It is a condition called "peripheral edema" and it also occurs in feet and legs.It is best that you start walking or exercise daily but after getting opinion from your doctor.
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Varicose veins is another possibility. As is a heart problem.  When you get the chance to sit down put your feet up so that your feet are slightly higher than your hips - this feel help the fluid to work its way back up your legs.
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I had a gout attack and now my feet are swollen with water. It helps if I take a diuretic but they swell back up so it is hard to put on shoes.

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