Why Is My Ankle Swollen And Initially Very Painful?


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There are about many reasons of swelling and pain in ankles. These can be
  1. Injury to ankles
  2. Sprain and strain
  3. Arthritis
  4. Tendinitis.
  5. Gout
  6. Circulatory insufficiency
  7. Nerve compression
There can be many more. You need complete examination and few blood test to diagnose the problem. So, visit to a doctor.
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Yes mine is very painful too, I guess a trip to the Doctor too, first it was just a sore ankle, I walk around the block every morning, takes about 20 mins, but today was the last draw, the pain is shooting up my calf muscles part of my leg, man what grief! I am about to make me some crutches out of bamboo until I can get some at a hospital, hmm wonder hw much they will charge for crutches.. Mind you I'm in NZ so guess I'll find out soon as I visit GP.
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I  have pain in my ankles and swollen for a year
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Really this sounds serious enough to warrant a trip to the Dr. I would go, if it were me.
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Hi,  hope you can answer my question.

I'm a swimmer.
My ankle has a small lump on it and its is always clicking when I walk and tumble turn. I was wondering does anyone know what I can do...?

Thanks! :)
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I have had tendinitis is my ankles and it hurts!  swells and is tender to touch.  I kept banging my ankle on a chair and thought I'd die with the pain!

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