What Does It Mean If Your Stool Is Dark (black In Color) And Loose?


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If your stool is black in colour and loose it could possibly mean that you have suffered some bleeding in the upper section of your abdomen due to a gastrointestinal issue or/and an ulcer.

Certain medications can also cause your stools to turn black, the main culprit being NSAIDs which have anti inflammatory effects on those who suffer from acute pain. You may think that taking vitamin supplements are a safe bet but taking too many iron tablets can also be attributed to your stools becoming black and loose. Also long term ingestion of ibuprofen lists dark/ black stools as a major side effect as well as loose ones.

One major medical condition called Cirrhosis causes the same symptoms and diagnosing this condition is something that a doctor should do. If you find that you are suffering from these symptoms and more like; vomiting, diarrhea, fever and/ or shivering, shortness of breath, confusion, indigestion and nausea then you need to see a GP as soon as possible in order to rule out this condition. Cirrhosis is when your liver becomes enlarged or feels to the touch harder than it should be. It can be detected or found in a liver function test, a liver biopsy and another test called an endoscopy which will be performed once your doctor feels that you may have this disease.

The grading which is done to conclude the severity of the disease once it is confirmed ranges from A which is relatively mild and can be controlled right through to C which states that the grade is severe. The examination plus the other tests will confirm the grade that it needs to be and lab tests.

If you have black coloured stools and they are loose for more than a few days then make an appointment as soon as possible to help you manage your condition if it is one of the many diseases mentioned. Safety and taking care of our body is exceptionally important and our health is something that should never be played with. A GP can sort you out in a jiffy with the right medication anything is possible,
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The black color of stool can be due to bleeding in the upper part of abdomen due to ulcer, gastritis and some other diseases. The use of medicines like NSAIDs, iron supplements and pills etc also cause black stool. For more details, visit BLACK STOOL.
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It could be from eating something that does that to your stool, but in my experience, black, dark, and tarry stools are usually a sign that there might be some bleeding going on somewhere. It could be that you have ulcers, or gastritis or something like that, I suggest that you go and see your doctor about this, and get an encoscope done to make sure that isn't what is going on. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I honestly can't tell you why this is happening, but it sounds like you need to take your dog to a vet, and discuss dietary habits.  It is possible that your dog has aquired an intestinal worm or virus that is disrupting the bowels.
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Pregnancy does not cause black stools. The iron in your prenatal vitamins does. If you are not on an iron supplement or prenatal vitamins you need to have that checked out because black stools could mean you are having intestinal bleeding. Old blood makes stools look black. Talk with your doctor about it but I bet you have black stools from your iron supplement.
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This is kinda bad. I had it once from eating Gobstoppers, and an hour later I pooped black. A day later it was back to normal. If it goes on constantly you might have stomach bleeding. (Internal Bleeding). And you must contact a doctor if it happens again.
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I,m 25 years old and wake up every morning with sore kidneys I,m now pooping black runny poop what does this mean should I go to the hospital?
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Eating a black food such as licorice, blueberries, iron supplements, pepto bismal, or internal bleeding.
If it isn't a food or a supplement you should be seen by a doctor right away. He/she may send
you home with a stool collection kit for examination.

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Well, I know my dog's stool is normally pretty dark, but if it's almost black when it first comes out, you could have a serious problem.  I know in humans black swirls in their poo means internal bleeding, so it could very well mean serious.  I would advise checking into it further.  Hope everything's okay =/
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It is imperative, that he sees a vet., he sound really poorly. Sorry I can't say more x
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I suggest that you go to a vet and see if it has any dietary problems, if he's allergic to anything that you are feeding it... If you do these things and still have that type of poo, then schedule daily check-ups with a vet.
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That is most likely to be worms that's irritating his stomach causing the bleeding. That can get painful for the pup so take it to the vet immediately because it needs to be checked up and rehydrated fast!..
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My dog does watery poop as well. He's a puppy but his isn't red and brown, his is a Green colour? Does anybody know what to do. This is our first dog so we are not to sure.
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The dog has worms and can even die if you do not take it to the vet. I lost one with this.
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It is usually a sign of blood and you need to go to the doctor. The other things that can cause black stool is if you are taking iron or Pepto Bismol. Best wishes.

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