There Are Little Black Hairs In My Son's Light Color Stool. What Is That?


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It may not be hair, eating banana will produce small black stands that may look like hairs, if it is withing a day or two of eating a banana it might be that. It happens with my toddler and it is perfectly normal. Try to not eat any for a few days and see if they show up.
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Thanks for that answer i was freaking out now i am more content and not worried about the little black fibers ... Thanks again
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Has he been chewing on a stuffed animal or a fuzzy blanket???It is probably nothing...unless he ate a seriously though, just think about what he has daily contact with that has black fibers and you will probably have your answer!!! Good luck with that....I once freaked out about the color of my childs poop and it was just the frosting from his birthday cake..lmao
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Is your sons hair black? If yes its possible he has tricotrimania,sorry I don't know if I spelled it right,its sorta related to OCD,its where you pull the hair off your body an eat it...

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