What Does Pus Cells In Urine Mean?


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The presence of pus cells in urine means that there may be an infection somewhere in the urinary tract. There is actually no such thing as pus cells, it is a term that is for some strange reason frequently used to describe a presence of white blood cells.

  • Cell count
The cells are counted in cells per micro-liter of urine. The normal count is up to ten in women, and up to five in men. Pyuria, as the presence of these cells is often called, is defined as having more than ten cells in a micro-liter of urine.

  • Seriousness of infection
How serious an infection actually is depends on the amount of pus, or white blood cells found. As a rule, any existing acute infections very quickly clear up after a couple of days with a course of antibiotics.

Persistently high counts may indicate a chronic infection somewhere in the body, which can be found through a variety of tests.

  • Non-infective causes
Sometimes the cell count may be high as a result of kidney stones or some recent surgery in the urinary system. After prostrate surgery, for instance, the count may be high for months even without an infection.

  • Urinalysis
A doctor will be able to determine by the count amount whether it is necessary to perform a urinalysis. This is simply a way of checking the kidneys' condition by measuring the color and specific gravity of urine, as well as a microscopic search for blood cells or bacteria.

Occasionally, more extensive tests will check for bilirubin, a breakdown product of a blood related process, which may indicate particular conditions. All in all, it is not a major concern and doctors will advise their patients on what needs to be done to determine a cause and possible necessary treatments.
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I am suffering from the problem of pus cells in my urine. Please tell me is there any trouble. And is it than what can I do. Please help me I am facing a lot of weakness in my life
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2-3 puss cells in urine can be normal but more puss cells can be due to urinary tract infection. 
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