What Does Blood In The Urine Mean?


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Blood in the urine is medically called 'hematuria.' It refers to the presence of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) in the urine. If it is 'microscopic hematuria,' the colour of the urine looks normal to the naked eye but an examination under the microscope will show a greater number of RBCs. If the colour of urine as 'red' or 'tea-coloured' is seen through the naked eye, it is the case of Gross Hematuria.

There are many conditions which are a reason for hematuria. Fortunately, most of the cases of hematuria are not serious. A simple thing like an exercise may lead to hematuria which will go away on its own in a span of 24 hours. Some of the main reasons are urinary infection, effects of medicine, injury to your back or presence of kidney stones Hematuria can also result from an injury to the bladder, kidney or lower back. If the bleeding turn worse and does not go away in some hours, then you should call the doctor.
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I have had blood in my urine for 4 months, my doctor is sending me for a CT scan, i dont have many symptoms except for a few nigley pains on my right side and now im getting a sore back, i dont have much blood, cant see it at all but urine test showed it up, i feel fine in myself
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Light vaginal bleeding or spotting before your actual periods is a common experience for most women. Thus the blood you see when you have finished urinating is probably just premenstrual blood. However, if you are uncomfortable, or if it is recurring or if it is excessive or if you have any other symptoms you will want to check with your family doctor to be on the safe side.

It is particularly important to keep a watch for and note down any other symptoms such as pain or nausea and vomiting.

There are different products in the market that are available to take care of possible spotting. The most popular choice among girls is panty liners. This helps keep you prepared for the onset of your menstruation.
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What does it mean when my red blood cell test came back 25-50 when its supposed to be 0-2
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Blood in the urine signifies many problems. The disease is known as hematuria. It can be caused by urinary tract infection or by enlargement of prostate gland or even cancer. It can also be caused by kidney stones or diabetes.For details see the link below: hematuria
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My mom is a breast cancer survivior and she has been passing blood in her urine for several weeks now.   We have a scheduled appointment with a urologist very soon to find out what going.   My concern is that because she is a cancer survivior that the cancer is back. Is this something that I should be very concerned about


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