Are Mosquito Bites Supposed To Have Clear Liquid Coming Out Of Them?


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I used to have a lot of insect bites like this while in England, and my doctor said they were caused by midges. If the fluid runs copiously it can be a sign of infection. But you could also be allergic to something in the venom of that particular insect. Horsefly bites, for example, tend to become angry and run copiously on a lot of people.

How Bad Can These Bites Be?
I used to have to be very careful as if I got a bite on my knee, one on my ankle, and one anywhere else on the same leg, I would come out in blisters all over it and it would swell up with septicaemia. This has only happened to me three times in my life.

What Can I Do Stop Insects Biting Me?
I have heard that eating plenty of garlic and/or brewers yeast will keep biting insects away, as it makes your blood unattractive to them. If true, that is probably a better method of solving the problem than using anti-bug sprays. I have found I am not alone in my conviction that they actually attract the things rather than repel them!

By Ann Dougherty
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Yes... Its called plasma your body is made of it.
If its colored then it is infected see medical help from your physician.
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It's your white blood cells coming to do battle against the invasion... No worries.. Just try not to scratch it too much.
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That would be a mosquito bite. You can use calamine lotion to ease the itch, and try not to scratch it. Hope this helps, good luck not accidentally scratching it, I hate that.
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Not exactly SUPPOSED TO have the clear liquid but it very common, and it's not harmful I'm sure unless your getting something strange like burning then I don't know....
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I have so many MOSQUITO BITES you can't even IMAGEN...It's HORRIBLE my MOM thinks I'm ALLERGIC. #1 way to solve the ITCH is Putting CALAMINE LOTION on your BUG BITE. #2 way is putting CORTISONE to lessin the ITCH. #3 way is to put ALCHOL or PEROXID on your BIT. That is ALL I have to say...

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