What Is The Cause Of Eye Tics In Children?


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The eye ticks or eye twitching can be due to stress, fatigue and excessive use of caffeine. Some time cause is unknown. This problem is self treated within a week time. The treatment is by having more sleep and reducing the drinking of caffeine and by lubricating the eyes with the drops. If the problem persists for more than a week and involve other parts of the face then immediately contact with doctor. For more details, visit eye twitch.
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My three year old has had a tic in her left eye since I can remember, we have taken her to an optometrist and she said it has nothing to do with her vision, she has 20/20. So what can it be, she dose it when she is running, playing, standing, sitting, eating, or watching tv. She says she is a pirate but I just want to make sure it is nothing wrong, who do I turn to?
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Ask for a neurologist consult and EEG; it could be Absence seizures, a form of epilepsy.  YouTube has several postings of children having these types of seizures that show the brief eye flutter that is common in this type of seizure.  My child had this treatable condition for three undiagnosed years, and was told it was an eye tic that she should outgrow.  Also, she was almost misdiagnosed as having ADD, because she was loosing a few seconds of consciousness every time she had a seizure.

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