What Are The Causes Of Stomach Ache In Children And When Should It Be A Cause For Concern?


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Stomach and abdominal pain in children is extremely common and can be caused by a huge range of different factors. Some are obviously physical, eating too much ice cream or too many sweets or too much chocolate cake are common enough. However, stress can also cause stomach pain and recurring stomach pain, occurring at the same time each day or each week, can be related to stress. Many children, for example, have a tummy ache at 8.15am on a Monday morning, but only in term time.

Children's pain is always real, and should be taken seriously. There may be a problem at school, or the child may need extra reassurance about starting the new week.

Real concern though is caused by severe pain, pain that lasts more than an hour, pain that is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, a sour taste in the mouth, fever or other more worrying symptoms. In these cases, it is good to check with a doctor if there is a more serious problem such as appendicitis.
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drop down face of my child when he suffers from stomach ache gives me immense tension. since last couple of days i am regularly taking him to a doctor who gives 2-3 types of tablets every time but of no use. every afternoon my kid complaints and i cant understand what to do.please suggest a remedy.
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I have an appendicitis!! Shocking!!!!!!!!!

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