If You Take HCG Injections To Loose Weight, Can You Develop Ovarian Cysts?


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The HCG is not recommended for weight reduction. This is an hormone secreted by the chorion of the fetus and later by the placenta in order to maintain the corpus luteum which secretes progesterone hormone necessary for fetus. The injections of the HCG are used to maintain corpus luteum during pregnancy and in males to treat infertility. It is also used to induce ovulation. It is also used as anabolic along with steroids. The longer term use of this hormone can cause infertility in males and cysts in ovaries of the females. Because the HCG tends to induce ovulation and if it dose not take place then the follicle develops in to cyst. For more details, Visit HCG.
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A safer alternative to HCG injections for weight loss is the Homeopathic HCG drops. I have lost a pound a day with it. I buy mine from www.skinnybunz.com but I'm sure you can do a search for it and find it about anywhere.

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